2019 Report: People change lives

The latest independent study of the Big Noise programme, titled People change lives: consolidating five years of evaluation learning from Sistema Scotland's Big Noise centres in Stirling, Glasgow and Aberdeen, has been carried out by Glasgow Centre for Population Health (GCPH).


The research draws upon five years of rigorous research to define a range of important impacts that participation in Big Noise has on children and young people.


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Key Findings

The independent study defined the following important impacts that participation in Big Noise has on children and young people:


  • increased confidence, discipline, pride, and aspiration
  • improved team-working, communication, and leadership
  • enhanced academic skills including listening, concentration, and creativity
  • increased resilience, happiness, sense of belonging and fulfilment
  • strong musical skills development
  • uptake of physical activity and healthy eating, avoidance of damaging behaviours
  • development of positive social groups, peer relationships and cultural engagement


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The report by GCPH focuses on how the above impacts are underpinned by the long-term, encouraging, trusting and supportive relationship between the Big Noise musician and participant, where the musician acts not only as an educator, but also as a mentor and a role model, supporting positive behaviours and life choices. The unique design of the Big Noise programme allows this relationship to develop based on consistent contact over many years, as participants face the challenges and rewards that come from being part of an orchestra and performing regularly.


One of the most consistent impacts observed has been participants’ mental and emotional wellbeing. These positive impacts are achieved through the musician-participant relationship and a programme design which emphasises fun, enjoyment, esteem, pride, teamwork and a sense of belonging. Furthermore, the programme promotes healthy eating, physical activity and the avoidance of damaging behaviours such as drug and alcohol misuse. 





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