Glasgow Centre for Population Health is leading a major evaluation of Big Noise. As part of the research a professional filmaker worked with some of the young people to make this short video. They interviewed Big Noise staff, their parents and each other to tell the story of Big Noise in their own film and from their own point of view.



quote.pngI have been in Big Noise for 7 years from the very start it was amazing not that I was a good child back then I used to throw strops everyday and hide under tables etc but now because Big Noise help to calm me down a bit and I'm in symphony orchestra playing the trumpet as I switched from cello the instrument I had started on to play the trumpet when the woodwind brass and percussion came and I'm now part of the youth board and have lots of fun with staff and others people but it's like a big family and it's an amazing thug to be part of because I have learned so much not just about music but also about life and planning for thing I don't want to do. quote.png



quote.pngI play Percussion but I also help fix instruments strings and percussion mostly although I do want to learn how to fix brass and woodwind also. I also help with stage management settings up for concerts I do enjoy the opportunity that Big Noise and Sistema Scotland has given me. quote.png




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