2017 Findings

pdf.pngThe latest study looked at Big Noise Torry in Aberdeen which was set-up in 2015. Researchers found that Big Noise Torry is a large scale, high quality social intervention which is already positively impacting on the children's lives.

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This report documents the findings of an initial phase of evaluation assessing the delivery and impacts of Sistema Scotland’s Big Noise Torry programme in Aberdeen City. A key strength of this evaluation in Torry is the range and depth of methods utilised. The impacts of the programme on participants have been assessed from a variety of perspectives including those of the children, parents, or guardians, teachers, headteachers and deputy headteachers, Big Noise musicians and volunteers and delivery partners who work closely with Big Noise.

This evaluation in Torry provides evidence supporting Sistema Scotland’s approaches to delivery: the impacts of the programme at this stage are consistently positive. What is also certain is that there is remarkable consistency between the nature of the impacts observed within Big Noise Torry and those evidenced in the Big Noise programmes in Govanhill and Raploch. If these early impacts continue to be built upon through consistent programme engagement, there is potential to enhance participants’ lives, prospects, health and wellbeing through a variety of well-defined and measurable pathways in the long term.

To this end, working closely with the schools and a range of partner agencies and services; Sistema Scotland would indeed be ‘transforming lives through music’.


Feeling Kids Drawing.png  Like Kids Drawings.png


As part of the research children used drawings to express their feelings about being part of Big Noise and playing an instrument. As you can see from the drawings here 100% were positive!




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