FAQs - Super Strings Sessions

How will you choose who gets a space?

Spaces will be allocated on a first come, first served basis. We will be aiming for good ratios for a string orchestra across the instruments so there are a limited number of spaces available for each instrument in each ability level group.


Will my child have to audition for a space?

No child or young person will need to audition for a space.


When will I find out if my child has a place?

Once you have submitted your application form we will process your application and get back in touch with you as soon as possible.

Applications close on Friday July 20th so all applicants should know if they have a place in good time before the events happen.


What dates will my child need to be available for if they get a space?

 Participants will need to be available for the workshop date they have selected:-


  • Monday 3rd September (10am - 4.30pm): Beginner and Intermediate North sessions (sessions running concurrently) (location Aberdeen)
  • Tuesday 4th September (10am - 4.30pm): Beginner and Intermediate Central sessions (sessions running concurrently) (location Stirling)
  • Sunday 7th October (10am - 5pm): Advanced Level day for children & young people nationwide (location Glasgow)
and for the Festival of Strings Day where we invite all participants to join together on Tuesday 9th October (approx. 10am - 5pm, exact times tbc): Festival of Strings Day (location Dundee)


What level of playing would be expected at the different sessions?

  • Beginner (as a guide: grade 1-3)
  • Intermediate (as a guide: grade 4-6)
  • Advanced (as a guide: grade 7 or beyond)

Will transport be provided?

We will be providing support with transporting children from our local authority partners (those who learn with Stirling Council music service, Glasgow City Council music service, Aberdeen City Council music service and Dundee city Council music service). We will send you more details about this once you have been offered a place

If your child is offered a place and you are unable to transport them to the events, please let us know.

Will participants have to miss school to attend?

Yes, 3 of the 4 sessions are happening on normal school days.

All applicants will need to gain permission from your school to attend these events and we will help with providing a letter that you can use.

We will be working with local authority music service partners to inform and communicate with schools in our local authority areas. (Stirling Council, Glasgow City Council, Aberdeen City Council, and Dundee City Council).

Will food be provided?

Participants will be provided with lunch and an afternoon snack at each event. Please indicate any allergies, intolerances and dietary requirements on the acceptance form which you will receive if your child is offered a place.


Should participants bring their own instruments?

Yes, participants should bring the instrument they usually play with them.


What music will be played? Will the music be sent to all taking part beforehand?

Each day will consist of a variety of workshops and ensemble sessions which will focus on various aspects of string playing. The repertoire will be sent out to all participants before the events to allow time to practise. We will be programming one differentiated piece which we will be able to play all together at the Festival of Strings Day on Tuesday October 9th.


When will we receive the music?

We hope to confirm repertoire soon and get music sent out the week of 30th July.

How much will the workshops cost?

All of the workshops and festival event will be free to all participants.


My child has additional support needs - can you cater for these?

Please indicate any support needs your child has on the acceptance form which you will receive if your child is offered a place, and we will communicate with parents to ensure we provide appropriate support.


What should participants take with them to the event days?

They should bring their instrument, comfortable clothing water, pencil and medication, if required, with a signed medical authorisation form.

All music will be provided on the day. Any parts given in advance are for practise purposes only.


My child doesn't play a string instrument but does play another type of instrument - can they apply?

This series of Nicola Benedetti workshops are for orchestral strings players only (violin, viola, cello and double bass).


Can parents and carers accompany children during the workshops and festival? 

In order for staff to focus entirely on the participants during each session, we would prefer it if parents and carers were not in attendance. We have a range of experienced staff who will look after the participants during the sessions. If you are concerned about this, please contact us.


We are not in a position to accommodate additional adults at the beginner, intermediate or advanced days.


At the Festival of Strings Day on Tuesday 9th October we will hold a performance for parents and carers to share some of the wonderful work that the young people have been doing.

We can allocate 2 tickets per participant for this special performance. Tickets are free and will be administered directly via the Caird Hall box office directly. We’ll be in touch to let you know when these will be available to reserve.




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