Super strings sessions: with Big Noise and Nicola Benedetti


We had such a fantastic time at our Super Strings Sessions with Nicola Benedetti last year, and we wanted to share a few of the key things that came out of these sessions with you all.



The Super Strings Sessions: with Big Noise and Nicola Benedetti took place over four days in Aberdeen, Stirling, Glasgow and Dundee. More than 320 children and young people joined together for this very special project full of collaboration, fun and learning. The sessions offered young string players, from all over the country, to come together to explore and rehearse music, experience enrapturing performances and tutorials from Nicola Benedetti, and join her for a one-off performance in the Caird Hall, Dundee as part of a giant String Orchestra.


What were the key aims of the Super Strings Sessions?

While there were lots exciting things about the Super Strings Sessions, there were three key strands of the project that we were particularly focused on. These were the Social, Artistic, and Empowerment Strands.  Find out more about them via the sections below.



The sessions were designed to nurture collaboration, new networks and friendships amongst young people and teachers involved in music making in Scotland.   



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Nicola Benedetti specifically wanted to focus on creating a Big Sound with young string players from all across Scotland.




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A key part of the sessions was focused on developing a shared voice for young string players in Scotland, to celebrate all that is good about string playing, and allow young player to have their say on improvements for the future.

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Super Strings Sessions: with Big Noise and Nicola Benedetti was supported by players of People's Postcode Lottery.



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