Medalling Ceremonies

We are very proud of our connection to the original El Sistema movement in Venezuela. Our medalling ceremonies are a lovely symbol of this.


When someone joins an orchestra in Venezuela they are given a medal in the national colours to honour the achievement.


In 2012, when Big Noise Raploch was performing alongside the Simón Bolívar Symphony Orchestra at The Big Concert, the Venezuelans presented the children with medals. You can see the medalling at the start of this film clip:




In 2013 at the launch concert of Big Noise Govanhill, Raploch children passed on some of the medals.


2013-06-25 BNG -672.jpg

Pic by Marc Marnie


Gustavo Dudamel was very excited when he saw that photograph, as it was the first "medalling" he had seen outside of South America. He asked us for a copy to hang in his office!


More medals were passed on when Big Noise Torry was launched in 2015.


2015-06-29 Big Noise Torry-519.jpg

 Pic by Marc Marnie




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