Govanhill volunteers celebrate ten years at Big Noise

Govanhill volunteers celebrate a decade of helping make a Big Noise  

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Two of our wonderful volunteers are celebrating a decade of service with Big Noise Govanhill.


Jane & Isobel have both been volunteering at Big Noise Govanhill since the programme launched in 2013. Staff at Big Noise Govanhill organised a special celebratory lunch to mark the milestone.


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Isobel and Jane, both retired librarians, are among a team of 43 volunteers dedicating at least one evening per week to support Sistema Scotland's Big Noise programmes across the country. Volunteers help Big Noise musicians with lessons, socialise with and supervise the children and young people. They also assist with various tasks, including setting up and packing away equipment, to keep Big Noise running smoothly.


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Jane Mallinson said:

“I was aware of the work of Big Noise Raploch and found it impressive and exciting. As soon as Big Noise started in Govanhill, I contacted them to inquire about volunteering. In my 10 years with Big Noise Govanhill, it’s been incredible to witness its natural growth. More musicians and children have joined over time, and the program has evolved from just strings to a full-blown symphony orchestra."


“I've personally grown a lot alongside Big Noise. Seeing our team expand and watching some early volunteers land jobs here has been fantastic. It’s been amazing to see how both the kids and adults have grown in confidence over the years. One of the best parts has been watching the young musicians I met when they were little grow into playing solos with orchestras and studying music."


"Volunteering with Big Noise has been the second longest-lasting 'job' I’ve ever had, and it has been very rewarding. On a personal level, volunteering has given me a reason to get out of the house twice a week. I’ve made some great friends, learned so much about orchestral music, and experienced the fantastic cultures that make up our community in Govanhill."



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Isobel McCrae said:

“I first learned about Big Noise through an amateur orchestra I was part of, near my retirement. They were looking for volunteers as the program was starting up. Concerts have always been highlights for me, especially in summer and at Christmas, as well as smaller 'sharing' events with parents and family. The opportunities for young people to perform with the Royal Scottish National Orchestra and the BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra have been fantastic."


“Watching the children excel and do their best at the concerts is heartwarming. Some of my favourite moments are during the holiday clubs, where we have more time with the children and they're not tired after school. It's delightful to get to know them better by doing arts and crafts or playing in the park. We had a wonderful time at our special, 10-year celebration lunch with Big Noise. Everyone was kind and generous in organising it."


“Volunteering with Big Noise filled a gap in my life after retirement. It felt like joining a big new family, rather than starting a new job. Being part of a team, doing meaningful work with children, has been stimulating. The past decade has been incredibly fulfilling, watching children grow and progress. It’s been a privilege to be involved with such a worthwhile organisation.”



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Damian Sherwood-Johnson, Sistema Scotland’s Volunteer Coordinator, said:

“This is an incredible achievement, and we extend our heartfelt thanks to Jane and Isobel for their remarkable contribution over the last 10 years. Sistema Scotland has greatly benefited from their dedicated volunteering efforts, as they bring with them not only their enthusiasm but also their warmth. We are truly fortunate to have such a wonderful group of volunteers, who play a vital role in our success. Their support, offered in numerous ways, is invaluable.”


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