Big Noise Douglas perform with RSNO at Dundee's Caird Hall

Young people from Big Noise Douglas have performed at the Caird Hall side-by-side with the Royal Scottish National Orchestra

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Young people from Big Noise Douglas took part in a special concert alongside the world-renowned Royal Scottish National Orchestra (RSNO).

17 young musicians from Big Noise Douglas, all aged between 10 and 14, performed side-by-side with the RSNO at Dundee’s Caird Hall on Thursday evening.


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The joint orchestra, led by the RSNO’s up-and-coming assistant conductor Derrick Morgan, performed two movements from Peter Warlock’s ‘Capriol Suite’.

The concert gave our young participants an opportunity to play alongside accomplished professional musicians as part of Scotland’s national orchestra, while demonstrating their musical skill to friends and family.


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Andy Thorn, Head of Centre at Big Noise Douglas, said:

"Playing alongside the Royal Scottish National Orchestra at Dundee’s famous Caird Hall was an extremely exciting opportunity for all of our children and young people at Big Noise Douglas.

“The past year has been fantastic for everyone involved with Big Noise Douglas - not just for our musicians and the children and young people they work with every day, but also for their families and the community in Douglas as a whole.

“As our programme grows, we're delighted to see our young people take to some of the biggest stages and play alongside some of the most accomplished musicians in the country.

“I'd like to thank the RSNO for inviting our young people to take part in this special concert, and for their longstanding partnership with Big Noise across Scotland."


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Andy Stevenson, RSNO Director of Learning and Engagement, said:

 “Congratulations to the young people from Sistema Scotland’s Big Noise Douglas centre for another impressive performance on the big stage of the Caird Hall. Welcoming these talented young people to the stage alongside our musicians is a really special experience for everyone involved.

"We’re proud to partner with Sistema Scotland on furthering their children and young people’s music education and we look forward to continue working with these inspiring young musicians in the coming Season.”


Ashley Douglas, whose 13-year-old daughter Amy plays the cello and performed in the concert, said:


“Amy's had lots of amazing opportunities to perform with Big Noise, including at the Big Top Concert when Big Noise launched in 2018 and at the opening of the V&A.



“She has grown in confidence so much while being with Big Noise, and it's amazing that she's happy to play on stage at the Caird Hall in front of such a large audience.”



Natalie Holden, whose 12-year-old daughter Liyana Chung plays the viola and also performed in the concert, said:


“Liyana only joined Big Noise a few months ago, and she's learnt so much in such a short period of time.



“I've enjoyed hearing her practise at home, and it's been amazing seeing her perform with her friends in the orchestra on stage.



“It's such a great opportunity to play with a professional orchestra.”



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