Holiday Club 

All children eligible for Big Noise are invited to our Holiday Clubs, which run during October, Easter, and Summer school holidays! 

During this time your child can come Monday to Thursday to play their instrument, sing, and play musical games. We often have extra fun things happening in the afternoons for children and their families. 

Additional key information: 

  • Your child does not need to come every day… although that would be great! 

  • Everything at Big Noise is free and juice and a snack will be provided. 


If this is your first time at Big Noise, please complete our online enrolment form. Contact us to ask for the sign-up link on torryadministrator@sistemascotland.org.uk or 01224 069770. 

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After School Club

Any children from P4 onwards, who go to school or live in Torry can attend our Big Noise After School Club.

Children are given a snack and then work together in group based sessions having musicianship, instrument sectional rehearsals, choir and orchestra.

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