When a Big Noise programme starts in an area, we primarily work with the primary school children. However it is very apparent that Big Noise is about the whole community.  

From birth to retirement, we try and offer a wide range of programmes and activities for everyone to become involved, no matter what your background or musical experience.


Baby Noise

Our pre-orchestra programme begins with Baby Noise. A FREE weekly child and parent programme for the residents of Raploch. This play-oriented session is for new-born to nursery children accompanied by a parent or carer* (*includes dads and grandparents)


  • Movement games enhance physical development & coordination
  • Listening activities build concentration and memory
  • Familiar songs, games and rituals encourage children to listen and copy sounds
  • Children develop early social skills such as choosing, taking turns and playing together
  • Increased bonding time with your child as well as valuable social time with other parents

Baby Noise is at Raploch Community Campus on Drip Rd for all who live in Raploch.


There is social time after the class, for parents and carers to relax, chat and have a cup of tea!




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