Woodwind, Brass & Percussion


Our Wind, Brass and Percussion team is made up of: 


Jo Ashcroft – Flute 
Kirstin Hall – Clarinet 
Victoria Lopez – Double Reeds 
Nikki Hopkinson – French Horn & Upper Brass 
Alistair Gibson – Upper & Lower Brass 
Andy Foden – Lower Brass 
Tony George – Lower Brass 

Iain Sandilands – Percussion 


Wind, Brass and Percussion instruments were first offered at Big Noise Raploch in 2010 allowing the creation of the first Big Noise Symphony Orchestra. 


Children in P4 who don’t already play a string instrument have the opportunity in their classroom musicianship at school to learn the fundamentals of wind, brass and percussion playing in our Kickstart programme. They have short blocks of learning recorder, PBuzz and classroom percussion - involving the practice of basic sound production, note reading and ensemble playing. 


Children are then offered the chance to play a Woodwind, Brass or Percussion orchestral instrument at the end of P4 and start attending Big Noise After-School sessions at the start of P5.  As part of their programme of study, children get an instrumental lesson and a mix of musicianship, small instrument specific and full band sessions. 


We currently run 3 levels of band – Wind Band, Concert Band and Symphonic Band - which the children will progress through as they develop their playing skills. 

Wind Band

Wind Band is our beginner’s ensemble, currently lead by Kirstin Hall and Nikki Hopkinson.  Starting off with simple melodies and short pieces, the students work first in Woodwind, Brass or Percussion ensembles, working to build the basic skills of instrumental playing and note reading. Halfway through the year the children come together to form the Wind Band, learning pieces of music which involve playing in parts.  

Concert Band

Concert Band is our Intermediate level band which most children will join after they have been playing their instruments for at least 1 year, and is currently lead by Tony George and Victoria Lopez.  In Concert Band the children will continue to develop their individual playing skills as well as learning longer and more complicated ensemble pieces.  


Symphonic Band

Symphonic Band is our highest level ensemble and most children will join after they have been playing for at least 3 years, and is currently lead by Andy Foden, Iain Sandilands and Jo Ashcroft.  The main focus for the children will be performing increasingly complicated pieces of music.

As they continue in the Symphonic Band the young people are offered more opportunities to develop their individual playing skills, and members of this ensemble also play with other orchestras such as the National Youth Orchestra of Scotland, Scottish Youth Brass Band and Stirling Schools' Orchestra. 




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